"Build user experience capabilities within your organization. Ensure the organization?s focus and ability to meet user's needs. And let's define and implement the processes that ensure best-in-class user experience, on a continuous basis."

Online Account Opening Wizard
Andera needed an online account opening solution for banks that demonstrated best-in-class user experience. This meant usablity improvements that reduced abandonment and increased conversion. Responsive design, so it worked for mobile. And ensure that the visual design templates were easily adaptable to client branding.

Console for Bank Officers
Andera's branch console allowed the bank's compliance, call center and operation teams to quickly process applications. The applications were opened on its online account opening wizard. It allows bank personnel to check for fraud, make decisions based on credit and debit information, as well as request additional documentation before approving.

Investment Platform
Aladdin applications had been under development for over a decade. Functionality was continuously being improved and features were being added. Unfortunately users saw Aladdin as being an antiquated system. It was quickly apparent that they were reacting to the look of the applications that had not been upgraded in years. The solution was visual redesign and testing to contemporaize the look of the applications.

Wealth Management Application
The Information Architecture and interaction design for the web version of NetX360, a financial services company's technology platform for investment professionals and RIAs. The platform needed to to integrate the user's expectations set by the Windows version of the platform while still providing new features expected from a cutting edge web platform.

Online Reporting for Financial Clients
a financial services company needed a flexible and customizable, architecture and design for creating branded client sites. The challenge was to create a streamlined process that allowed a financial services company to very quickly created custom sites for clients that were using the NetExchange Platform.

Brand User Experience

Citizen Watch Website
Citizen Watch Company needed a complete restructuring and redesign of the site. Challenges included database design, server side scripts, flash programming, animations, video and content management system. They also needed separate versions for 3 languages and 4 countries.

Ricoh PPBG Website
The Production Printing and Business Group unit at Ricoh needed a website to display their products and services. The site needed to strike a balance between keeping within the corporate design guidelines while also establishing its own identity.

Industry Today Redesign
Industry Today is a print publication that was slowly realizing it's potential on the web. Having received an advertising offer it needed to quickly improve the overall user experience of it's site. More importantly it needed to improve bounce rates and traffic. The redesign made the site professional and contemporary while leveraging it vast wealth of content through information architecture and SEO.